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Episode 5: The Final Chapter

As David stumbled out of the restaurant, his mind spinning, he realised that this haunted town had more dark secrets to unleash. He ran as fast as he could and finally hid behind a bush. How would I escape? This question was wheezing through his brain when he saw an abandoned bicycle behind a tree. It was as if his question had been answered. He quickly sat on the bicycle and zoomed towards the edge of town.

As he neared the exit sign, he started peddling faster but was roughly pushed back into the town just as he reached the exit. It was as if an invisible wall was surrounding the town making it impossible for him to leave. Just then, he saw that the words on the exit signboard were changing.  The sign now read- “The one who tries to escape, beware! If you want to survive, then we give you a chance.
Go to the Town Hall and pledge your life to us by reading out the Oath of Gilamoor written on the first page of the curse book. Remember if you read anything else, then we will slaughter you and your remains will join all the others who perished in their bid to fight to us.”

David was now utterly perplexed. He read the signboard again, looking for some clues, and that’s when he found one. Every curse has some loophole through which it can be reversed. 

What if he searched through the curse book? He could find something which could save him. And even if it didn’t save him, he would still try rather than surrender like a coward.

With a renewed determination, David cycled towards the Town Hall. Once inside, a cold shiver ran through his body. He spotted the curse book, lying on the pedestal for its next prey. He opened it and saw the Oath of Gilamoor on the first page. As he flipped through the book, he could see only blank pages until he reached the very end where it was written in a very tiny scrawl- “You dared to move ahead of the Oath. You cannot defeat us. The curse on this town will never be lifted. Get ready just like a pig who is about to be slaughtered.”

Suddenly, the book flew from his hands and an invisible force threw him backwards. He hit his head against a pillar and as he was getting up, he saw monsters and ghosts of all kinds coming towards him. A werewolf attacked him first, pinning him to the ground with his claws. That’s when he spotted a long rod lying near him and he knocked the werewolf off himself. He ran towards the exit but found it to be blocked by a huge octopus.

The octopus unleashed its tentacles which wrapped themselves around David’s legs and started pulling him. David let out an anguished cry as he realised that the octopus was going to swallow him. Just then, he remembered that he had a knife in his pocket which he had nicked from the restaurant. He got it out and started cutting the tentacles around his ankles. The octopus soon let go.

David realised that he will not be able to escape until he gets rids of all the monsters. An idea struck him just then. He ran back to the pedestal, to destroy the curse book, hoping that it would defeat all the monsters, only to be stopped by a swarm of bees. Swaying his rod around, David dashed towards the pedestal. 

He lunged for the book and just as he was about to destroy it using the knife, he was pushed away by a giant ice monster. Before David could retaliate, the gnomes appeared and tied his arms and legs. Terror ran through David’s veins as he saw the werewolf come to him again. Prayer after prayer flew from his mouth as the werewolf just completely bit his arm off.

David screamed, unable to bear the pain. Tears clouded his vision. He could feel the little robots piercing his body with sharp needles. Soon, he became numb to pain. David was slowly losing consciousness. His eyes dropped shut with the image of the ice monster ready to strike him being the last thing he ever saw.

-Esha Mehta

Episode 4: Restaurant 

David entered the restaurant, pangs of hunger driving him wild. He was too famished to notice that the restaurant was empty and that the door opened on its own.....

He made his way to a table and pulled the chair back, the noise sounding eery in the unnatural quiet of the restaurant. He ordered some courses and his blood chilled when he placed the menu in the waiter's hand because he saw that the hand was not made of flesh and skin but skeleton and bone. He looked up to the face of the waiter and let out a bloodcurdling shriek because there was no head on those shoulders. The waiter held her head in her hand, the way she would hold a platter, and the skull smiled at him from there.

Heart thudding and sweat coiling on his palms, he backed away from the waiter and ran to the receptionist. He shook her by the shoulders, all the while telling her about his predicament when she raised her head to look at him. He almost fainted at the sight that met his eyes. The woman's face was disfigured with slashes and burns, bruises which had never healed. Her eyes were dripping blood and she began wailing. It was a horrible and tragic filled noise, the voice of the Devil, the Satan, the misery and the extinguisher of all that was holy and good in the world.

The wailing left David feeling dizzy and it was as if he was being transported backward in time, where the same restaurant had many people in it, most of them dancing to unfamiliar yet achingly sad music. David's feet led him to an alcove in the hall, where he saw a beautiful woman being ruthlessly murdered by a gentleman who was repeatedly stabbing her with a knife and mercilessly smothering her cries of anguish and pain. His eyes widened at the sight and he felt sick at all the blood and gore that seemed to spill from the intestines of the lady.

When he tried to resist the cruel and cold-blooded murder, the gentleman turned to look at him with fire in his eyes. Where the irises should have been, there were two small balls of fire, each rotating and revolving with an uncanny certainty about them which definitely prophesied death. The man threw a shard of glass at him and the pain, the anguish as he bled to death, his own blood seeping through his fingers, was very real. At the very moment when he thought it was the end and fell unconscious, he came to in the restroom of the same restaurant.

He rubbed his hand over his chest to find no blood or wounds, but when he tore his shirt open, he found a long, thin scar which hadn't been there before. He stared at himself in the mirror, getting scared to death when his face was replaced by that of another old yet sickeningly familiar gentleman- the face of the murderer.

He felt a hand creeping up his back,  but he could see no one. He felt the hand touch his shoulder, the fingers gripping it hard, yet he could see no one. He heard a knife being drawn and felt the edge being pressed against his throat, and that's when he saw the woman who was murdered. He fell flat on the ground. Regaining his consciousness, he found himself petrified and utterly oblivious of what was to follow next. 
And yet, he decided to set for the next step of the voyage...

-Rtr. Arpita Ramdoss

Episode 3: The Departmental Store

Waking up to the horror of what had happened to him, David looked around and was mortified to find himself still in the hospital. He kept looking for a wound on his thigh but he couldn't find one, he let out a breath of relief. Without further thinking, he gave his feet, the command to run as fast as possible. 

Running out of the hospital he crossed the road and found himself directly in front of a departmental store. He eyed for any anomaly inside, finding none, he moved in and made a bizarre request to the counter lady.

"I don't know if I can trust anything I see anymore but I want you to please, please believe what I am about to say. I am not sure you will be able to help though."

"Don't worry tell me what happened, if you want I'll call the police." replied the lady.
"No, no, don't call the police just help me, think there are some ghosts that are after my life. They have been following almost everywhere I go.", David spoke petrified and yet ashamed of what he was saying.

"Oh, I see so you are being followed by ghosts. Were you in the hospital when they attacked you? questioned the lady.

"Yes, I was but how do you know that it happened in the hospital?" 

David took a step back now, sensing the same weird vibe that he felt inside the hospital and during the shipwreck. He thought of running out of the store when the lady interjected, "I know everything, but worry not, I shall take great care of you." 

And the doors shut with a loud thud. David stood there terrified, unable to move.
That very second the lady appeared in front of David with mist like appearance and hovering above the ground, looking dead still in his eyes, two inches away from his face.
"You have been a bad boy David, stop running and play with me", she said with a musical tone.

He ran, he ran like he had never before. He hid behind a counter of chocolates and gasped for breath. "Daaaaaaavviiiiiiiid, where are you? come back to me", she said with the same horrifying melodious tone.
The lights started flickering and the counters started shaking creating an eerie atmosphere that scared David right to his bones. David sat down on his knees with hands covering his ears tight and his eyes shut. "I can't I just can't take this", he cried to himself in a low hushed voice which crackled with fear.

He slowly stood up wanting to see where the ghost lady was. He separated some of the chocolates in order to view the other side of the counter.
He peered only to find nothing, he took a breath of relief and looked just once again to confirm but this time she stood there looking right into his eye with a tilted head and a blood-splattered face. "Hello David", she said with a broad smile which showed her dark yellow and black teeth unevenly placed.

David staggered back losing control of his body he fell against the counter spreading all the chocolates over him along with counter which fell on him. He lay there strewn over the floor along with other things and lost his consciousness again.

-Rtr. Prashil Shah

Episode 2: The Silicon Trap

He pushes the doors of the emergency room open, almost toppling onto the floor, and rushes to the reception desk, yelling “Help!”

He turns his gaze to the door to look for them and is relieved to find nobody there. He buries his head in his hands muttering  ‘Thank God' over and over again. Just then, a cold hand clamps down on his. His head snaps up to look at a woman. She has a fair complexion and brown hair. She’s dressed in a grey blouse and black pencil skirt. She seems to be a normal receptionist but something is off. Her posture is too stiff, her face too tight, her eyes are big, blue and doe-like, too big even. She looks unnatural. “Welcome to Gilamoor Central Hospital, how may I help you?” Even her voice sounds sickeningly sweet. He hesitates but one look at his battered up self and he changes his mind, “Yes, I-I was in a shipwreck a-and I could use some help.” She nods, “Your name?” He answers, “David.” “Just fill this form and a doctor will be right with you.” He takes the form and makes his way to a seat, taking in his surroundings.

Everything from the walls to the chairs is white. It’s too barren, too silent. He wants to leave but where to go? Those creatures could still be out there. But- “Come play with us” He looks around to see who said that. “Hello?” He asks and all he gets are high pitched giggles. He looks back to the receptionist's desk but she’s gone. There’s a whoosh sound and two shadows run past the desk. The giggling continues, “David, come play with us!” Panic grips him, what is this place? Two more shadows rush past him, “Wanna have a tea party?” More giggles, the sound slowly becoming unbearable. 

He bolts for the doors but they’re locked. “Are you leaving so soon? Don’t you like us?” They’re closer. He turns and what he sees sends chills down his spine.  The receptionist is standing metres away only that she looks more plastic than before, like some kind of doll. Behind her are four more dolls, each a young girl. All of their clothes are spotted with red drops, their lips are painted with the colour of blood, their nails are talons and their eyes are now red. Their smiles are full of malice. “Girls, welcome our guest and be nice okay? We need him to stay pretty.”

They charge.
He swerves to the side and rush to the desk, using it to roll to the other side so that he’s behind the group of women. He keeps running and tries to find a door or window that’s open. He looks behind to see them catching up. He makes it all the way to the main entrance of the hospital before being pinned up against the wall, each of the girls holding a limb, their nails leaving wounds that burn like acid. He cries out in sheer pain and his vision starts to go blurry. The receptionist makes her way forward with a scalpel in her hand, singing, “The doctor will see you now.” He kicks and yells but to no avail. Just as the cool blade touches his neck, gunshots ring out, cutting through the laughter enveloping him. The beings scream out and start dissolving into a liquid. 
In her last attempt, the receptionist stabs his thigh and he falls down. The last thing he sees is a man with a gun before darkness surrounds him.

-Rtr. Sakshi Desai

Episode 1: The Shipwreck 

Image result for horror shipwreck

David looked back to his hometown, Burke - if you could call it a town. It was a tiny settlement with very few inhabitants. It wasn’t very isolated. The city was just a few miles east. Why his family had lived here was a mystery but now it did not matter. He was leaving this place for once and for all. He could still see the shoreline calling out to him. Shaking his head, he went back inside.

His room was just like a dump, the only difference being a bed. This cargo ship was the only thing that he could afford. The days were pretty dreary with nothing to do except gaze at the sea, the sky or sometimes the occasional dolphin pod that they passed. David decided to pass time by maintaining a journal. He would write daily about his day’s happenings but nothing interesting ever happened. He would observe the crew of the cargo ship and make up the back-story behind each action.

A sailor moving a barrel from the starboard to the port of the ship became a smuggler of class-A goods hiding his stash and such. Slowly he started to write bolder like the crew being monsters carrying dead humans and the captain being their leader. One such day he was thinking about such ideas when he heard a booming voice, “All hands on deck.” It was the Captain!
David tried hard not to stare at the Captain but the Captain’s scar along his right cheek made it impossible to ignore. Before leaving the deck, the Captain gave him one hard stare and grunted. At night, as David went over his journal, he kept thinking about the scar. Unable to do anything else, he went over to the deck thinking of a good story behind it. Caught up in his thoughts, he strolled right past his rooms and reached the Captain’s cabin. He was about to head back when he saw all the sailors heading towards the cabin. They took no notice of him and walked right past.

“Assemble my minions.”
“We stand ready to serve.”
“Stand to the Bow.”
The sailors silently marched to the front end of the ship

May the Night be dark and long,
May the Lady hear our song,
We shall know neither right nor wrong,
Change us; for we are strong.

 David could not believe his eyes when he saw the sailors transform. Their faces contorted and stretched till they became nothing. They had no faces! His thoughts were interrupted by the Captain.
“Open the casks. We shall feast tonight. We will reach by morning at Gilamoor.”
As they opened the casks something rolled out of the cask and landed next to David. It was a hand! Every cask had human parts. David ran to the other side of the ship but as he was running, he stumbled. 
“Who is there?” a raspy voice said in his head. 
“It is the human” another said.

Related image

They could sense him crawling away even though they could not see. They grabbed hold of him and dragged him up the ship but he suddenly bit them on the arm. David ran towards the boiler but the faceless sailors surrounded him. He backed up against a wall. He kicked and punched as hard as he could but they kept on coming. They tore at his skin, his clothes. He pushed one towards the boiler.
IT EXPLODED!!!!!!!! 

He saw fire and blue light everywhere. The world darkened as he lost consciousness.

- Rtr. Deval Savla 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


#4 Bluetooth

It seems like yesterday when we shared a 3mb song across Bluetooth while waiting for minutes to let the transfer complete. As of now, Bluetooth may seem a petty thing but Bluetooth was the one who started the wireless wave in the technology world. It was a replacement for the RS-232 data cables. Bluetooth was a result of the hard work done by Special Interest Group(SIG) formed by the major tech players like Nokia, Ericsson, Intel etc. They decided to unite in order to create something which would change the physical transfer of knowledge to a virtual one.

Since it was an initiative taken by all the big tech players(except some) by uniting with each other it was named after a Scandinavian king named Harald Gormsson who tried and succeeded in uniting Scandinavia. The king had a dead tooth which looked blue and hence everyone called him Bluetooth. Of course, we don't know whether he liked this name or not but if he knew what it would later become, he definitely would. The Danish name of the king was Harald Blatand whose initials when written and combined in Runic Alphabets gives us the modern logo of Bluetooth. 

Bluetooth uses short wave-length UHF radio waves in the ISM band from 2.4 to 2.485 GHz. The invention of Bluetooth was a giant leap towards the future without wires. It enabled us to talk on a phone while we are driving a vehicle, it enabled us to transfer information without the help of the mighty internet, it enabled our phones to act as a remote to control everything. Today SIG has more than 30,000 members(Mobile phone companies etc.) which are providing the Bluetooth to everyone. 

But change is constant and today, Bluetooth is mostly replaced by an option in each and every smartphone called Hotspot. It has managed to overcome almost every flaw of Bluetooth including Speed. So next time you turn on Bluetooth on your phone I hope you know how important it was once upon a time.

-Rtr. Vishwa Joshi

#3 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a term commonly used today, something that makes heads turn and ignites inquisitiveness. But have you ever explored the science behind it?

 Here’s an insight:
Artificial Intelligence is, of course, the simulation of human intelligence by machines. We’re all well aware of the several uses of AI today – entertainment, medicine, banking and more. Directly or indirectly it is serving us every day in numerous ways, like through virtual assistants or by making decisions easier with music/movie suggestions based on our previous judgments. Tasks like voice and facial recognition have evolved through AI.
There are a lot of functions AI performs that we aren’t entirely aware of. For example, it helps make predictions for the prices of items on e-commerce sites or displays ads based on our previous interest
Problem with AI assistants
Microsoft’s artificial intelligence assistant Tay – an acronym for Thinking About You, was suspended after it created a generated of controversy on Twitter. It began responding with racist and abusive retorts to people who started trolling it. The assistant, however, cannot be blamed as it drew it’s learning from the people and reported just the same way any other human would have.
AI is as Biased as Humans
In another controversy – Google Photos tagged two black people as Gorillas in 2015. It was also observed that Google showed higher paying jobs to men more than women.
The question is here what causes these drawbacks when AI is based on algorithms which seem to be pretty neutral? The answer lies in the fact that algorithms are built and maintained by humans, who in turn are biased by nature.
The Trust Factor
Do you trust AI enough to give away all your personal information – like your credit card details?

It is indeed remarkable that AI has and will continue to change our lives in remarkable ways. Not having to deal with maps and directions or spend a lot of time fiddling with data to find what we need is convenient, sure. Gradually, AI’s presence in our lives will be much larger.

-Rtr. Khushi Agarwal 

#2 Li-Fi

Many of you might have not even heard about this but this is the alternative equivalent of wi-fi. Well, it works on the light so let's get to how it works and why it came into being. For starters, it can deliver speed up to 224 gbs per second. Light Fidelity or Li-Fi is a Visible Light Communications (VLC) system running wireless communications traveling at very high speeds.Li-Fi uses common household LED (light emitting diodes) light bulbs to enable data transfer.

The term Li-Fi was coined by University of Edinburgh Professor Harald Haas during a TED Talk in 2011. Wi-fi and Li-Fi both work on the system of electromagnetic waves, wi-fi on radio waves while li-fi works on visible light. data is fed into an LED light bulb (with signal processing technology), it then sends data (embedded in its beam) at rapid speeds to the photodetector (photodiode).The tiny changes in the rapid dimming of LED bulbs are then converted by the 'receiver' into an electrical signal.The signal is then converted back into a binary data stream that we would recognize as web, video and audio applications run on the internet enables devices.Li-Fi signals cannot pass through walls, so in order to enjoy full connectivity, capable LED bulbs will need to be placed throughout the home. Not to mention, Li-Fi requires the light bulb is on at all times to provide connectivity, meaning that the lights will need to be on during the day.

You might wonder, well why do we need it if we have wifi? And it works well enough (unless you have MTNL connection). The answer is wifi has four problems capacity, efficiency, availability, and security. Connect 10 people to wifi and you end up with snail slow WiFi speeds, Li-Fi solves the capacity problem. It can connect more devices than wi-fi. Radio waves heat up at the stations where they are produced and the system has 5% efficiency. And production of radio waves is even costly so it had availability problems too. While lo-fi which works on LED doesn't have that problem. Radio waves pass through walls making it easy to hack. Li-fi surpasses that problem too!Maybe one day we wouldn't have to switch WiFi on separately, just switch on lights and you are good to go.

-Rtr. Prashil Shah

#1 Fidget Spinners
If you're an internet addict or use the internet at all, you would've noticed this small toy-like thing doing rounds. Right, fidget spinners. Fidget Spinners are Everywhere! No one knows who invented it, but if you've ever got your hands on one, you know this is your new addiction.

Image result for fidget spinner 

So what are these fidget spinners really?
A fidget spinner has two or three paddle-shaped blades attached to a central core.
When you press the core, the blades are set in a motion and the momentum also gives a sensory effect to us.
Why was this invented?
Some researchers claim that this created to help ADHD patients focus better. While a group of scientists believe in the theory, a number of them couldn't see the co-relation between these spinners and ADHD patients and people with other attention disorders. The movements seem to suggest an activity and a way to enhance cognitive tasks.
Nonetheless, this toy has been on Amazon's top 20 best sellers ever since it was released about 3 months back and has been flying off shelves of every other toy store. There are hundreds of variations available in today's creative market, though they revolve about a fixed blueprint. These fidget spinners have a major advantage of being more portable than your average fidget toy, therefore have won the hearts of thousands of people worldwide.
These little spinners have made their ways into the hearts of not only the children but also the adults!
So what makes them so much fun?
The simple joy of being about to fidget without annoying people!
How many times have you heard your mom or other people tell you to stop fidgeting around with things, for example, constantly liking a pen. Happens to the best of us, we are curious we see something we want to figure out what it is, we fidget.
But this is one toy, that doesn't portray us fidgeters in a bad light, so we can fidget away!

Related image

Great Stress Buster:
A lot of people have also noticed that it is a great stress buster, and it also is way more fun than your average desk ball or bug.
The movements again are responsible to help cope up with stress and helps us stay under control and reduce anxiety or stress.
Nervous for your next meeting? Grab 'em now.
Some smokers have also suggested that these have helped them quit smoking but there is no scientific evidence as such, but if it does help smokers, then bring them on, the world could use fewer smokers.
Super cool designs:
Initially built around a ninja star kind of design, these little spinners have evolved a long, long way. They now come as fidget cubes, your favorite car logo, or even as Batman! With so many exciting designs to choose from, these become an irresistible deal!

-Rtr. Khushi Agarwal 

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Rama Tai

⁠⁠⁠⁠Well, if we ask anyone to imagine about an old age home he/she will definitely think about a poorly constructed building where some sad old people are living, but when you see Rama Tai your thoughts about the old age homes will surely change.

 An old woman in her 80’s with a smile on her face and joy in her heart greeted us with a great spirit. She moved to this nursing care in 2006 with her husband. Unfortunately, just after one year, her husband expired due to some kind of disease. But even after 10 years since the demise of her husband she smiles just like a 5-year-old. 

When we asked for her view on this generation's behavior towards the senior citizens she said, “It is your loss when you misbehave with us, because you will never have the privilege of knowing the experiences that we have with us. We will be happy where ever we live even if that is at an old age home. Yes, we may get sad at times but it will go away eventually!” 

The energy of Rama Tai was even more than us. She also cross-questioned us and which we barely survived. She told us about her daily routine, her hobbies, and her favorite TV shows. Well, we surely need people like Rama Tai in our lives to cheer us up when needed and teach us the value of self-independence. 

Lata Chopra

"You are probably figuring out what life is and what is it going to be like. Let me tell you that it looks exactly like an Indian road. You have to always be ready for a pothole and there will never be a guarantee for a perfect road, but always hope that you will find your sea link". 
You've always heard these cliches, but now we are showing you a real life example.

How many 77-year-old people have you seen who wake up every morning and adorn themselves with pretty clothes and matching earrings? Shri Lata Chopra does it and not just some days, every single day!
 She once used to be a model, she started acting in films but never finished them. Her father was Mumbai sheriff and later the president of All India Motors. She was a rebel at the core. This became evident when she was being forced to marry a very elder person to her, so she instead married a worker in her father's company, Starline motors.
She says that her rash decision was one of her worst mistakes. The person she married, was a nobody then but a drunkard, Om Prakash Bharti, father of late Divya Bharti. She divorced him. At the age of 21, she already had two kids and she was a divorcee. Her father, who once renounced her accepted her and gave her an apartment to live. For a while, she had big names likes Rajesh Khanna at her apartment but then after leaving the film industry, all contacts were lost. She was a semi-finalist around 1960's for Miss India. 
She cherishes her youth and has only one advice for this generation, "Be a rebel when your parents are completely wrong, but they seldom are". She advises this generation that money is not everything and be aware because it will make you do things you don't want to. She has been a guide, estate broker and even a Frankie seller in her difficult times.
She lives happily in the old age home though she isn't very happy about living there. She believes that you have to accept fate, it will not be the way you want it but accept it and no matter what or where you are, be happy. 

Anita Borkar

We are the generation who shows the way of a tiny, closed nursing home to the ones who showed us the light of the world.
But hardly do we notice the stories that are lurking around that place.
There are two reasons why a person ends up in an old age home.
Either the person's family finds him/her a burden or the person finds his/her family a burden.

Anita is an old woman of the latter category, aged 73 she was tired of being alone at home when everyone else was working or partying. She had lost her husband in a car accident a few years back. She was lonely and sad. She then decided that she wants to leave the house, she requested her family that she wants to live at an old age home that she had found quite interesting. People at the old age home were happy and they lived together. Her family agreed and she shifted.

At one point in time, she had a very productive and amazing life. She was once a personal secretary of Mr. Ratan Tata, she had even worked for Air India. Though she misses her prime days, she loves staying here. She says "I feel home."
She has a relaxing life now. She wakes up early, has breakfast, talks with her friends, reads a newspaper, then takes a bath. She then has lunch with everyone else, after that she either sleeps or talks. In evening she either plays or has activities of her own like watching tv or drawing, etc.

Then she has dinner and again some talking and then she sleeps. Mostly she does talking but that is what all old people love, talking. And that is what keeps them happy. We asked her a question, "What should children do to make their parents happy in their old age?"
She simply said,"Initiate conversations, we just don't want to be alone. We don't want a fancy life or fancy food or lots of money, we just want a simple life but that should be with family"

This story taught us how little things in life, no matter how insignificant, can bring immense joy, only if we tend to look for the happiness.


I looked up from my laptop screen, disturbed by the incessant human coughing.
Human? Yes, I had become that insensitive to my father. I saw a crooked frame of flesh and bones, just able to support himself on his legs, at my door.
“What happened, dad?” I faked my tone, to sound at least a bit concerned.
“Nothing, I have a bad cough and I am feeling a bit feverish too. Would you get me some medicines?”
Though unwilling, I got up from my bed, on a Sunday morning, to buy medicines for the man I didn’t even care for days.
And yes, it was raining outside. I took my umbrella and went out.
Only I knew how irritated I was. It was raining on a Sunday morning, and here I was, walking on a slippery pavement with an umbrella over my head. He won’t understand ever.
Wait. I just felt a wave of nostalgia wash over me. Was it the rains? Was it the anger?  Or was it my father?

“Mumma, Mumma” I screamed in my sleep, as mom hurriedly woke me up. High fever, coupled with a very bad throat, was a bit too much to take for a 10-year-old, without reacting.
Even in this condition, dad was not there by my side. He was busy with his work, on his laptop, eyes glued to the screen. As I winced in pain, he paused, shot an annoying glance, and started working again. This was the first instance where I felt he didn’t love me.
It was raining quite heavily outside and my fever was constant at 104 degrees. I had to see a doctor immediately.
Dad was visibly upset. He had to leave his laptop, his work, on a Sunday morning, to visit a doctor. Sad, isn’t it?
I remember not talking to him on our way to the doctor’s clinic. He still held my hand protectively, as we both shuffled continuously to be inside that one umbrella.
Soon after our appointment with the doctor, we went to the medicine store. The chemist looked at me and told my father what the problem was and gave us the medicines without even looking at the prescription. The medicines he gave were exactly the medicines prescribed.
When dad questioned him regarding this, the chemist said “Even my son is suffering from high fever and a bad throat. He is at home and my wife is taking care of him. I had to be at the store, that’s why I had to leave him. Work is work. But I make sure it doesn’t get in the way of my parenthood.”

I stopped midway. The chemist’s words echoed in my head.
What if that day, dad had only heard me screaming in my sleep and told my mother to check on me?
What if, he was forced to work on a Sunday morning, against his wish?
What if, he was irritated that he had to work and he was not being able to be by my side?
Amidst all of these thoughts, I reached the same medicine store; I visited with my father 30 years earlier.
A boy, of almost my age, sat at the desk. I told him my father’s age and explained him his condition.
He smiled and gave me some tablets. On being asked why he was smiling, he said “My father is also suffering from high fever and a bad throat. I had to leave him, to attend the store. I just wish I could be with him at home right now. Your father is a lucky man that he has got a son like you, who is there to take care of him, at all times.”

I sighed silently. Was my father seriously lucky?

-Rtr. Tushar Garg

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Words of The Soul

       Words of the Soul

  "Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found its words." -Robert Frost

Emotions are an indistinguishable part of humans, yet, they are inexplicable and poetry is like the silhouette of these emotions.

 Here are the selected poems. Happy reading!


                                 - Khushi Modi. 

Words come to me,
They play a symphony,
Pull unkown strings in my heart,
Saying it's just a start.

Laughing, playing, giggling she grew up,
Secretly urging for one true love, to find true self, to live it all up.
The darks of the big world, soon wore off their masks,
Once a bright ray of sunshine, now lost in the dark.

No longer she thought of love,
No longer she ought to find herself,
Engrossed in killing the day,
She sighed and hugged the night.

Hope was wiped out,
Feelings erased,
A bit of His cold dark heart, was all she ever feined.
He was adamant, he wanted her to hate him,
Little did he know, he stole the shine from her eyes, he stole the red of her cheeks.

Never did she ever complain!!
Was once he thought in his drunk mind.
He pushed her afar, threw her around, and clawed her body.
But she remained still, keeping it all within.

How could a heart be so cold?
Why would the only person to protect her, destroy her?
She silently prayed for him to find peace,
She held on to the idea of the once laughing man,
Who held her when she fell,
Who hugged her when she cried.

Stubborn she was,
What if he can't protect her,
But she will,
The bond is what keeps her alive.
Afterall love is all about giving she says,
He did his part before,
Now it was hers.
To love her lost father. 

Till he released his last breath,
By a bottle of brandy,
Half full in debt, 
He closed his eyes, 
And thanked the hell fires, 
He knew he failed her, 
When she thought she failed to protect him, 
And leaving the world, 
Became his last piece of peace

 Colour to My Monochrome

                                          -Shrey Agarwal

Everything before you was a monochrome
What I saw in the world was either black or white
It did not change
Even when I looked left and right

But the moment you entered
Colours sprung to life
I gained some respite
From this deathly strife

What I perceived as black 
Was blue to you 
How to see the world
You taught me anew

You hailed from another one
One bathed with warm light
But dared to enter one
Covered in eternal night

The night that once fell here
Never stoof up to make a day
But twisted as I was
You were hell-bent to find a way

The efforts that you took
Knew no human bounds
In the cold ghastly cave
Your words would resound

Are you not coming to the place
Where I will lie in wait
I will make sure to fill colour 
In your monochromatic portrait

All will be taken and all will be given
All you need to do is simply ask
Because you do need to in front of me
Put up that false mask

                                                  Mind Fever

                                             -Aishwarya Sanghvi

 She used to have the exam fever, year after year after year after year until, one day, it didn't strike her; turns out, it had stayed.

The temperature in the thermometer didn't rise, but her hands and feet did tremble and sweat. 

Her head didn't feel warm or hot but her mind was a fiery inferno instead.

Her body moved smoothly, but she could hear the bones inside her crack. 

Her eyes weren't watery but she felt like she was drowning down an unknown track. 

Her nose wasn't blocked but the blood in her veins didn't flow.

She didn't see anything clearly, but felt so yellow.

Her eyes didn't turn red but the cuts on her wrist did screech. 

Her head didn't ache but her heart, oh her heart sat on the heaviest chair, tied up by the tightest ropes, fell deep into the ocean and got lost, out of everyone's reach. 

 But no, it wasn't fever because the degrees didn't increase but she felt like she was dislodged from a crosspiece.